The SDI suite of First Responder fireground accountability applications are derived from our efforts to develop high-value applications to meet Fire Department of New York City (FDNY) strategic objectives for firefighter accountability and safety.


SDI provides focused and efficient technical services and application software development to multiple federal agencies, municipal First Responder organizations, government contractors, and commercial clients.


About Systems Definition Inc.

SDI is a Northern Virginia-based, Maryland-incorporated
small business
providing innovative software applications for
the First Responder
community, as well as technical services and
engineering to federal agencies, DoD contractors,
public sector agencies, and commercial organizations.

Our activities support initiatives for Defense, First
Responder safety/accountability, aerospace, custom
applications, and web technologies. We have developed
innovative software applications to support First
Responder safety and accountability activities,
including applications used daily by FDNY and
other U.S. fire departments.

SDI’s focus is always on meeting customer
requirements to ensure that their goals, deliverables,
and deadlines are satisfied.