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Systems Definition, Inc. provides focused and efficient technical services and application software development to federal agencies, municipal First Responder organizations, government contractors, and commercial clients.

In the government arena, our work supports important development initiatives in the areas of defense, tactical communications, and First Responder technologies.

Our commercial efforts encompass web technologies, application software development, business/strategic planning and studies, and technical documentation development.

SDI's "Go To The Customer" philosophy allows us to maintain excellent customer service and to ensure that Customer goals, deliverables, and deadlines are satisfied.

SDI achieved significant milestones with the operational deployments of the Electronic EBF-4 web application to Fire Department New York City (FDNY) along with our Mayday/Rollcall Application (MRA) software used in the FDNY Electronic Fireground Accountability System (EFAS).

The EBF-4 application is used City-wide by FDNY Chiefs and Officers for each of the two daily tours (9X and 6X) to schedule personnel and to provide reporting of personnel assigned to each tour. This application replaces paper-based ride list forms and provides easy-to-use functions accessible on the FDNY intranet as well as providing important data used by EFAS.

The Mayday/Rollcall Application (MRA) software application operates on the incident fireground to parse handie-talkie radio traffic and associate it with incident personnel data for display to incident commanders. MRA enables rapid handling of emergency alerts and streamlines incident Rollcalls via handie-talkie portable radio keying.