Motorola announced the release of a new personnel accountability case study that documents the success of fire departments in South Holland, Illinois and Midlothian, Illinois in tracking firefighter personnel and resources using the Motorola Solutions line of APX™ radios and the APX™ Personnel Accountability Application (APAA) software built by SDI.

The results of this study showcase how the South Holland and Midlothian chiefs were able to enhance the speed and accuracy of their personnel accountability, with these APAA features:

  • Automatic accountability information to incident commanders for all personnel on the fireground
  • Customizable visual and audio alerts to individuals or a group of firefighters, such as evacuate, roll call and Mayday notifications
  • Seamless communications across 30 fire departments, all operating on APX portable radios
  • Critical accountability information automatically captured and displayed on a single screen view

To download a copy of the study, visit

Improve Safety and Incident Command Decision-Making