Mr. Meisenbach performs system analysis and software design and implementation for many elements of the FDNY Fireground Accountability Program (FGAP) including the Handie Talkie application, the EBF-4 Electronic Riding List, the RFID system, and the Electronic Fireground Accountability System (EFAS). He designed and implemented the database and dataflow in the various FDNY FGAP projects and ensured reliable transfer and retrieval of data, as well as cross-project compatibility. Additionally, Mr. Meisenbach developed intuitive, easy-to-use front-end user interfaces. He leads internal product development efforts of EasyStaff, a generic and configurable first responder staffing/roster application compatible with SDI’s Mayday/Rollcall application. Mr. Meisenbach’s software development expertise includes knowledge of Java, JSP, Javascript, Jquery, Adobe Flex, Coldfusion and .NET programming languages, and proficiency with defect tracking, version control and database technologies such as Oracle, MySQL, and Hibernate. His dual degrees in Computer Science and Economics provide a strong background for application development within the business analysis area.

Education: North Carolina State University